Toilet Training

One of the first things you will want to teach your new pup is toilet training. This is very much is about getting your pup into the habit of toileting in the correct place when nature calls, for this example we’ll use ‘the garden’. Successful toilet training can be achieved in a relativity short period of time if you escort your pup to the garden every time they wake up, eat & drink, before you leave & upon return and before bedtime.

Young pups have very small bladders and little bladder control, being in the right place very time eliminates the need for mats, newspaper or other indoor alternatives. These do aid the clearing up process indoors, however confuses the pup because you are effectively permitting them to toilet indoors.

Once outdoors with your pup try to avoid distracting them, do your own thing and they will do the same. Eventually emptying, at this point quiet praise is necessary but don’t over do it. You are creating a habit for successful toileting in the correct place, not reinforcing a command. You want them to associate the scents of their surroundings themselves and make a decision to empty in the one place. Outdoors. Once they have emptied, you may choose to stay outside and play or just escort back inside.

If your pup doesn’t empty when outside (which they won’t from time to time), don’t nag them. Simply go back inside, keep them with you at all times. Sit them on your lap and grab your favourite book for five minutes or entertain them. This is vital for providing the distraction of allowing your pup to toilet indoors relatively soon after being escorted inside. Providing no opportunities to go wrong is key. If they do toilet indoors its simply because you didn’t take them to the correct place at the correct time.

Never reprimand your dog for toileting in the house, you will create a behaviour in which your dog believes you disapprove of what they have done not where they have done it. Try to remember no pup will be efficiently toilet trained under 6 months.

Once your pup has associated the outdoors with the toilet over time, they will begin to tell you they need to go out. However if you are not there / fail to comply with his needs of escorting outdoors, your training will begin to break down. You want to create a routine where in time your dog will empty on your schedule once toilet trained.


This is where sleep deprivation kicks in for a few weeks, but keep with it. Your pup will generally need to toilet once or twice overnight. As soon as your pup wakes up through the night, immediately escort them to the garden. Let them get on with their business, whist avoiding distracting them. Once they’ve emptied give a quiet praise, then escort straight back to bed. As a consequence of these actions your pup will in time learn to hold on longer and be sleeping all night in no time at all.

If crate training a pup, you will need to place the crate somewhere that will allow you to hear them wake. Initially you want to avoid locking your pup in the crate overnight, as if any accidents do occur you are effectively creating an en-suite in the crate. Which is a recipe for disaster. It is much better to keep the crate door open inside a larger pen / or blocked off room.

Allowing your pup to toilet away from there bed if you miss the wake up call. If so just clear up the morning after without comment.