Drop In & Feeding Visits


If you have recently welcomed a new puppy into your family, sometimes work commitments may mean they have to be left longer than usual. Puppies can sometimes become bored very easily, resulting in the being quite destructive when left alone for long periods.  To avoid any accidents we can help, we will walk, entertain and feed them whilst you may not be able to. This will break up their day and allow you extra time in your busy schedule.

Home Environment

Some dogs can find staying away from home quite stressful and may prefer a drop in visit. During our drop in visits we will walk your dog to a nearby field or park,  allowing them to stretch there legs and have a toilet break. If you have an older dog which may not walk too far we are more than happy to entertain them in garden for the duration of our visit.

This alternative to boarding your pets in kennels or leaving them at a daycare centre may not appeal to everyone, however is something worth considering if you know your beloved companion may not be happy in unfamiliar spaces. Our home visits allow your pet(s) to sleep in their own bed, eat their usual food and more importantly have the home to themselves! Pretty much the holiday we all had when our parents left us for the first time as we grew up. Your animals are used to routine, and removing them from this routine can cause distress and anxiety.

If you are having a short break or working long shifts then we can also help. We will visit your home at an arranged times and entertain and feed your pet(s), ensuring they stay and feel safe in there own home environment.

Keep Your Pets

Happy, Healthy, Safe

You’ll enjoy knowing our dedicated team will do whatever is needed to keep your pets happy, healthy and safe when you’re away from home.

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