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At Ruffined we pride ourself on tailoring our service for each individual pet and know how nerve racking it can be; not only for your pet during the first couple of visits but also for you when leaving your little family friend with us for the first time. Our aim is to build a strong relationship with the both of you, one we know will last a lifetime.

With us you can be assured your pets will have all the attention, socialisation and fun they will need in a familiar and friendly environment. We understand how upset pets may become when kennelled away from home or left all day. We can visit your animals at home if needed or transport multiple dogs for a friendly and sociable walk in the park.

Ruffined are fully insured (incase of any unwanted accidents). We also hold a pet first aid certificate and are fully DBS checked. Giving you every confidence in us entering your property to care for your pets.

How We Do It?

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Many people ask us why their pet behaves for us at Ruffined, but not themselves? Whether it be recall or commands. Our method is the easiest and if followed every time will never fail. As soon as you find your pets reward, wether it be a treat, toy or even you. You’re pretty much ready to go. Our three steps, Association, Repetition & Reward, will ensure you will be happy with your pets behaviour in no time at all. We will help you as much as we can along the way.


Determine how to approach the situation. If you want them to come to you, call them and lure them with a reward. Use something they want such as a their favourite ball. As they approach you your actions now make all the difference; a happy and encouraging voice, making a great fuss and playing, will ensure they love to come to you rather than be out in the open on their own.


Repeat, repeat, repeat. The main thing to remember is you’ll never truly master it. Once your pet gets the hang of “If I do this I get my toy” or “If I do that, I’m in trouble”. Don’t stop rewarding them, don’t stop being firm with them if they misbehave. Usually a deep and upsetting voice can break the attention of your pet from continuing to do something you may not want them to do. Never use your hands to tell them off as this is what rewards them when you praise them.


Your pets reward makes is the key factor. If they are food orientated then use their favourite treat. Toy oriented use their favourite toy. If these fail, then you are their reward. When rewarding them the tone of your voice plays a big part, as well as bags of fun from you as well. Roll on the floor with them if you have to, allow them to enjoy coming to you when called.

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Solo Dog Walks

Solo walks will allow your dog to meet other animals, people, and spend some quality time with us.

Group Dog Walks

The best way to socialise your beloved pooch with plenty of exercise and great company.

Drop In & Feeding Visits

Sometimes work commitments may mean your pet(s) have to be left longer than usual, We can help!

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See our selected range of services we offer. Our services cater for all pets whilst you may be out most of the day.