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Each and every one of our customers have different needs and wants for their pets and homes. The pricing quoted are a guide line only and may be changed to suit any individuals needs.

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Group Dog Walks

£12 / per hour

Group dog walks provide your pet with plenty of exercise and are ideal for sociable and friendly dogs to enjoy great company whilst out on a walk.

Our dog walking routes are pre-planned to ensure your dog is only on the van for as long as necessary and each walk is a minimum of 60 minutes exclusive of any travel.

We walk in secure fields or woodland areas, either public or private with the land owners permission. Our group dog walks contain a maximum of 6 dogs per session.

Group Dog Walks (additional pets)

£6 / per pet

We know that not every household has just the one pooch, if you have any additional pets you’d like to join us on a group dog walk. They are more than welcome to join. Pets from the same household only.

Solo Dog Walks

£18 / per hour

For pets that are a little nervous or just need to build their confidence, solo dog walks gives your dog the space and time they need to experience new and exciting places.

Our solo dog walking is not suitable for aggressive dogs, or those who prefer their pooch to be walked alone full time. We would naturally try to introduce your pet into our group walking sessions over 6 – 8 weeks. If you’re looking for permanent solo walks full time, we might not be for you.

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