Group Dog Walking

Group Dog Walks

Group dog walking sessions provide your pooch with plenty of exercise and great company. With planned routes in place across the local area, you’ll be sure your pet has a great time wherever we go.

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We provide a social and friendly dog walking service

Our group dog walking sessions are the best way to socialise your beloved pooch with plenty of exercise and great company. We believe that a group of friendly pooches is the greatest way of exercising any dog when possible. If your dog doesn’t receive contact with other animals regularly they can become depressed or upset, much like we do. The more dogs we have in one session means more fun, with a maximum of six dogs at any one time. 

Walking in secure fields or woodland areas all our group dog walks last a minimum of one hour in length as standard but more often than not they last much longer if everyone is having fun. Upon returning your dog home we will rub and wash down as needed; because we walk regardless of weather conditions your dogs may get slightly muddy but will always freshened up prior to entering your home. We then settle them down and say goodbye, lock up and luck forward to next time.

Group dog walking services with Ruffined provide socialisation and exercise for your pet

What happens on the day

Our groups walks are the most popular of our services, here is a quick overview of our typical day to day routine.

Step: 1.


On the day we enter your house and escort your dog to the van ensuring they are comfortable at all times. We pick up all guests booked in for the session and escort them to the walking location.

Step: 2.

The Walks

We always try to walk your dogs in a variety of area’s to allow them the freedom of visiting somewhere new. We alternate from a good run at your local park to a nice walk in the countryside.

Step: 3.

Home time

After the walk has been completed and everyone is tired. We wash all dogs down as needed and escort home, we will enter your home, settle your dog down and look forward to next time.

Polite Notice   

We refuse to walk any dog that is aggressive towards people and/ or other animals. We highly respect the public and an aggressive animal can have a tremendous impact. We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause.

We can also help with these similar services

Alongside our group dog walking services, we can also help with all kinds of other pet services too. From drop-ins to transport we can help.

Home Visits

Drop In Visits

When work or holiday commitments mean your pets have to be left a little longer than usual, we can pop by and make sure your pets are safe, relaxed and entertained in their own environment.

Solo Dog Walking

Solo Dog Walks

If you don’t feel your dog will suit walking with group; friendly and sociable Solo Dog Walks can be arranged.

Dog Walking Van Barnsley

Local Transport

If you require your animal(s) transporting to and from a location, we may be able to help. We provide this service for dogs, cats and other small animals.

Frequently asked questions

Choosing a dog walker can be a difficult decision to make and we’re sure that you will have a lot of questions about our services and how we operate. We’ve listed all of our most frequently asked questions to help.

I don’t need your regular services anymore?

Thats absolutely fine, we understand how commitments change through work and personal life. We will drop any keys off in person when requested. Unfortunately we won’t hold onto keys longer than 3 months as spaces do have to be replaced.

How much time in advance do you require for booking?

Our schedules vary. We can’t really give you an exact notice time. Please do get in touch as soon as you require our services to avoid disappointment.

My dog is aggressive, can you accommodate?

We can assess your dog during a meet and greet and take it from there. We have a general ruling of no, due to the fact we walk dogs in public area’s and do not wish to cause harm to any other animal or person. If your dog is reactive and not aggressive we may be able to, in time socialise and gain there confidence with other dogs.

What do you require to walk my dog?

Quite simply, just your dog. We provide all slip leads, treats, bags, etc. If you request any specific equipment or treats be used these must be provided. All this can be discussed prior to our services being undertaken.

How many dogs are walked in a your group walks?

We walk a maximum of six dog in one group walk. All dogs are under full control and walked away from local parks and play area’s, we generally walk on a local trail when walking a larger group.

Can my dog be fed upon returning from a walk?

Of course, all food must be provided. Feel free to leave us instructions and we will happily accommodate.

Will my dog return muddy?

No, we carry pressure sprayers and plenty of towels to adequately clean your dogs prior to entering your home. Dogs may be slightly damp when left but not thick with mud.

My dog doesn’t recall, Can they still join in?

If your dog doesn’t recall don’t worry, we love a challenge and aim to train your dog to recall whilst participating in our walking services. We use a long training line for any dog which doesn’t initially have a good recall. This allows us to train your dog whilst keeping them within a safe distance.

How long will my dog be walked for?

All dogs are walked for a minimum of one hour, this applies for both Group and Solo Walks. Some dogs participating in group walks will be away from home longer than others due to transportation purposes.

Request a callback about group dog walking

If you’d like to know a little bit more about our group dog walking service, we’re happy to arrange a callback at a time to suit you. We understand how important your pets are in your lives and we know that you’ll have lots of questions for us. Please complete the form below and we will be in touch as soon as possible. You can also get in touch with us directly on 07545 124739.

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