Policies and Procedures

The following document outlines our policies and procedures when your pet participates in our services.

Relationship and Responsibilities

“Ruffined” undertakes the agreed-on services in an attentive, reliable and caring manner and the customer undertakes to provide all necessary information to assist in this performance.

“Ruffined” reserves the right to walk other compatible dogs at the same time but undertakes to limit the number of various households to four (4). However if additional households have multiple dogs then this number may be increased to a maximum of six (6) dogs in one walk.

The customer will provide suitable harnesses, collars and leads as approved by “Ruffined” as well as coats or additional accessories if required. (Ruffined will supply rope/slip leads)

“Ruffined” will not walk any dog that is aggressive, if a client fails to declare their animal is aggressive and the animal causes damage to the walker or any other persons/animals. Further action may be taken and “Ruffined” will not be responsible for any damage or injury caused.

Details of the dogs microchipping confirmation and annual vacation details will need to be seen prior to booking. If any dog has had a kennel cough vaccine administered, unfortunately they will not be able to participate in group walks for at least three weeks after the administered date. They may be booked in for single walks and will be charged the single rate for that given time period.

Dogs will be sponged down and rinsed if needed when walking in muddy areas and on rainy days, dried off to a satisfactory level and then escorted into your home. “Ruffined” is not responsible for any cleaning bills that may be required.

The customer understands that during group walks and play, minor cuts and scratches or other minor injury (very rarely) may occur, “Ruffined” will inform the customer of the injury, but are not responsible for any veterinary fees which may occur. However under certain circumstances “Ruffined” may contribute to these vet fees.

“Ruffined” highly recommend your pet(s) are insured against sickness, accident or injury and third party liability prior to using our services.

If the customer requests there dog be walked off lead, they must confirm on the Pet Information Sheet that they return to recall. The customer understands that “Ruffined” have lesser control of their animal (especially upon earlier visits). Therefore accepting full liability for any damage caused by their dog, taking full responsibility for any disappearance and actions whilst off lead.

If any pet is in season it is the responsibility of the owner to inform “Ruffined” so that alternate arrangements can be made.

All food, medication and accessories must be provided by the owner, full medicine administration information must be provided on the Pet Information Sheet prior to booking, any new conditions must also be declared.


All fees are due promptly and means of payment are arranged by the client, (for example cash on a weekly or daily basis. Or a monthly bank transfer of the services provided/ upcoming services). Failure to pay will result in “Ruffined” refusing services until payment is completed.


The duration of this contract is in effect until the customer gives notice. If the customer breaches the contract in any way then “Ruffined” reserve the right to terminate the contract with immediate effect.

Booking, Cancellation or Early Termination

Any animal must undertake a trial prior to any booking, “Ruffined” may refuse any future visits dependant on the nature of the animal.

Cancellation by the customer of scheduled visits with less than 24 hours notice may be charged at the full rate or rescheduled at the discretion of the “Ruffined”.

Should any pet become aggressive or dangerous, “Ruffined” may terminate this contract with immediate effect. Any wrongful or misleading information in the Customer Information or Pet Information sheets will also constitute a breach of terms of the agreement and may lead to an instant termination of the contract.


“Ruffined” accepts no liability for any breach of security or damage to the customer’s property. if any other person/s have access to the property during the term of this agreement, please inform them of “Ruffined” expected arrival dates.

“Ruffined” shall not be liable for any mishap of any nature which may occur if a pet has unsupervised access to the outdoors, prior to or after any arranged visit.

“Ruffined” is released from all liability related to transporting dog(s) to and from any veterinary clinic or kennel, the medical treatment of the dog(s) and the expense thereof.


In the event of an emergency, “Ruffined” will contact the customer on the numbers provided to confirm their choice of action. If the customer or any emergency contact cannot be reached “Ruffined” will act in the best interest of the animal.


The Customer is required to provide “Ruffined” with a key to their home – purely for the use of collecting dogs for scheduled walks or home visiting purposes.

“Ruffined” warrants to keep all keys, remote control entry devices, access codes and personal information of the customer safe and confidential.

“Ruffined” is to return all applicable items in question to the customer at the end of the contract period or immediately upon demand. All keys carried by “Ruffined” on the day are never alongside the customers address. No keys are copied or passed on to anyone else.

Ruffined will lock up, reset all alarms and close all gates upon departure. (Upon agreement) If a dog/cat flap is fitted on the property it is the customers sole responsibility to ensure the garden and all its fences are secure.


The customer agrees to abide by the terms and conditions for the service/s provided by “Ruffined”. They hereby indemnify “Ruffined” against liability of any kind arising from their pets participation of any services.

Whole Agreement

The Owner’s Information sheet, Pet Information sheet(s) and the Veterinary Release Form(s) alongside the Service Form constitute the sole and entire agreement between the parties with regard to the subject matter, Any alteration to the terms and conditions must be agreed via signature.