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Please find all our Frequently Asked Questions here. We do update these from time to time if we feel something isn’t covered.

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Can my dog be fed upon return from a walk?

Of course, all food must be provided. Just give us instructions prior to our visit and we will be more than happy to feed your dog.

How long is my dog in the van when transported during group walks?

We design our routes to ensure dogs are in the van for as little time as possible, we aim to keep transport times to an absolute minimum. Routes depend on who is booked in, and where we decide to walk on that particular day.

I am going away on holiday, Can you check my small animal?

Of Course! If you require your pet to be checked on whilst you are away on holiday! We are more than happy to accommodate, however we do only recommend leaving small animals which are confined to there own space (rabbits hutch) etc. Just book in the dates you require and we will be there.

My cat is very timid, but not aggressive. Can you still visit?

Of course! We will be very calm and gentle around your cat. We will over time, build there confidence around us and hopefully be a friend they can trust upon all our future visits. A regular friendly face will quickly ensure them we mean no harm.

My dog isn't good off lead?

Not a problem, we will ensure your dog is walked on lead at all times. If we ever walk in a secure fenced area, we will work on their off lead recall with your permission.

Can you accommodate my cat whilst I'm away on a long holiday?

Unfortunately no. We recommend you board your pet in a cattery. Outdoor cats can get up to lots of mischief and we cannot be liable for any mishap whilst you are away. Also consider that whilst in a cattery you know they are safe and cannot be in any danger. Our services are to be used if your are away for a couple of days maximum or working late etc...

How much notice do you need prior to booking?

Our schedules vary. We can't really give you an exact notice time. Please do get in touch as soon as you require our services to avoid disappointment.

If I book in for solo dog walks, do they walk in different area's daily?

Yes, we will pick them up in the van and escort them to a various locations, ensuring they have the chance to explore somewhere different. However if you'd like your dog walking from home, that's fine. Ideal for the older dog.

My dog is aggressive with other dogs. Can you walk my dog?

We can assess your dog during a meet and greet and take it from there. We have a general ruling of no, due to the fact we walk dogs in public area's and do not wish to cause harm to any other animal or person.

What do you class as a small animal?

Small animals we cater for include; Parrots, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Small Fish.

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