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Local Dog Walking Services in Barnsley

Ruffined Pet Services provide professional dog walking services in Barnsley and the local area. We are a professional dog walker providing group dog walking and solo dog walking services. With over 10 years industry experience, your pets are in great hands.

Ruffined Pet Services are a fully insured pet service provider. Enhanced DBS checks are in place and we wear a smart, professional uniform.

Our dog walking services in Barnsley

Ruffined Pet Services are your local Barnsley dog walker, we provide high quality dog walking services throughout Barnsley, with long country walks at Cawthorne, Darton and Wombwell.

Over the years we have worked with 100’s of animals of all shapes and sizes making us well prepared no matter if you dog is eager to go or a little on the nervous side. We are fully insured incase of any unwanted accidents may occur.

Our dog walking services take place all over Barnsley, whether you are close to town or a little further afield – we cover a wide variety of areas.

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How our local dog walking service works

It couldn’t be easier getting started with us if you require our local dog walking services in Barnsley, our simple three-step process provides you the opportunity to meet us and get all your questions answered.

Step: 1.


If you like what you see or have been recommended by a friend, feel free to get in touch with us and discuss your requirements. We will then let you know if we can help, and contact you further to arrange a meet & greet at a time to suit you.

Step: 2.

Meet and greet

If we can help you we always insist on a meet & greet prior to our services commencing, this will ensure both you and your pets are happy to use our services. We will talk through all our paperwork, which can be filled in ready to collect on our first visit.

Step: 3.

Our service begins

Once you are happy with us, we will collect/visit pets on arranged days. We know your pets will be ready and waiting for each visit scheduled with us. Please do give plenty of notice for Ad Hoc bookings as we can get full from time to time.

Ruffined Group Walking

Group Dog Walks

Group dog walking sessions provide your pooch with plenty of exercise and great company. With planned routes in place across the local area, your pet has a great time wherever we go.

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Dog Training

Ruffined are very passionate about achieving the best out of ever dog we care for! We use positive reinforcing methods to ensure your develops happy and correctly.

We provide a social and friendly dog walking service in Barnsley

All our dog walking services provide socialisation and exercise for your pet, with great company too. We have planned routes in place across the local area to minimise the time your pet is on the van but ensuring they have a great time wherever they go.

We only walk in secure fields or woodland areas and never anywhere that we’ve not previously checked out prior to a new walk. We like to be sure we’ll only be walking your pets somewhere that we are supposed to be!

Our local dog walking sessions provide your pooch with plenty of exercise and great company throughout Barnsley.

Pet Paw Cutout

Ruffined is a local business owned and run by aspiring dog trainer Daniel Sherwood, with experience spanning over a decade he’s worked with 100’s of dogs and has a great passion for canine behaviour and training. He’s certainly not strange to any behaviour elements your dogs may show.

He pride’s himself on the best possible dog handling practices, and excellent customer service.

At Ruffined, we aspire to be the best in the field, so that you can make the best out of your dog.

    What people are saying about our local dog walking services in Barnsley

    We are extremely proud of the work we do, and our clients certainly believe so too


    Sharon F

    Dan loves the dogs he walks it is not just a job. I wouldn't let Maddy go with anyone else. Sharon

    Proud Facebook Review

    Facebook review for Ruffined Pet Services


    Steven S

    Daniel at Ruffined Pet Services has been walking my little rescue dog, Willow for almost two years, and I am so glad I chose him to walk my pet.

    Daniel is reliable, flexible and trustworthy. My dog initially had some issues in socialising with other dogs, and Daniel has been patient and understanding and due to his efforts, her behaviour and social confidence has improved dramatically. He is also very honest; on one occasion I accidentally paid twice and this was brought to my attention before I noticed my error and was quickly rectified.

    I would have no hesitation in recommending Daniel to any potential client and would give more than 5 stars if this was possible.

    Proud Google Review

    Google review for Ruffined Pet Services


    Tony S

    I have used Dan from the first day he started his service in Barnsley, he is such a nice Youngman, and honest to a fault. we had three dogs at the start of his services but in the middle of last year we lost one of the dogs, and without us knowing he was an artist as well, he proceeded to draw our pet and in so much detail, so much so that when we walk downstairs each morning it's like she is there waiting for us, and on each Christmas our dogs have been very lucky to have a doggy Xmas stocking filled with treats.
    Our dogs have gone from strength to strength in his hands in his training them to be good a walk at heel pets instead of unruly I would fully recommended Dan as a very good dog walker and trusted individual.

    Proud Google Review

    Google review for Ruffined Pet Services

    Here are some snaps from our local dog walks around Barnsley

    We have a little photoshoot from time to time when out dog walking in the Barnsley Area. Check out our gallery and social media to keep up to date with us.

    Frequently asked questions

    Choosing a dog walker can be a difficult decision to make and we’re sure that you will have a lot of questions about our services and how we operate. We’ve listed all of our most frequently asked questions to help.

    Are you insured?

    Yes, we are fully insured and hold a policy with Cliverton – Insurances for Animal Related Industries. Our certificate will be presented to you upon our initial meet if you decide we can help you.

    Can my dog be fed upon return?

    Of course, all food must be provided. Feel free to leave us instructions and we will happily accommodate.

    How do you take payment?

    We take payment on a weekly basis, invoices are raised every Friday on a NET 7 agreement. Cash or Bank Transfer’s are accepted, failure to pay will result in services being terminated.

    How long is my dog walked for?

    All dogs are walked for a minimum of one hour, Some dogs will be away from home longer than others due to transportation purposes.

    How many dogs do you walk at one time?

    We walk a maximum of six dog in one group walk. All dogs are under full control and walked away from local parks and play area’s, we generally walk on a local trail when walking a larger group.

    How much notice do you require for bookings?

    Our schedules vary. We can’t really give you an exact notice time. Please do get in touch as soon as you require our services to avoid disappointment.

    How much notice is required for cancellation?

    We ask you give as much notice as possible, services cancelled within 24 hours are charged in full. In exceptional circumstances this will be waivered.

    I am going on holiday, can you look after my small animal?

    Unfortunately this was a service we previously offered. Due to our interests in working and training dogs, we now purely focus our business around dog walking and training.

    Request a call about our local dog walking services in Barnsley